Key resources

Workshop description

This workshop gives an introductory overview of how to build a Bioconductor package.

Workshop participants will learn what makes a Bioconductor package special, how to get started building one and how to disseminate your final product. This workshop will feature introductory material, ‘live’ coding, and Q&A, all of which are adapted from the content below.


  • Basic knowledge of R syntax.
  • Github account!!!

Workshop Participation

Students will build a small package which is ideally version controlled. There will be a Q&A session in the second half of the workshop.

Workshop goals and objectives

Learning goals

  • Understand the purpose of a package
  • Learn about the essential building blocks of a package
  • Develop your first simple package
  • Become familiar with version control


This workshop uses Bioconductor version 3.12. At the time of writing, this is the current ‘devel’ version of Bioconductor, which can be installed following these instructions.

You can then install the packages necessary for this workshop using the following:

install(c("usethis", "roxygen2", "devtools", "goodpractice", "BiocCheck"))

Alternatively, you can might like to use Docker to run the workshop in a container with R, all the necessary packages, and RStudio. This can be done as follows: